Olivia Munn keeps hitting the tabloid dating rumor jackpot.

Not too long ago, "The Predator" star was linked to Chris Pratt. She reached out to his ex-wife Anna Faris to say the report wasn't true, and shared their texts with anyone who might've read the scoop and believed it.

Munn just did the same thing for Justin Theroux.

Premiere Of HBO's 'The Leftovers' Season 3 - Red CarpetMunn addressed a new planned report claiming she and Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband were "growing close together" and "heading towards a romance." Munn and Aniston costarred in "Office Christmas Party," and are reportedly friends.

Obviously Olivia Munn has become The Rumor Mill's favorite rebound girlfriend for newly single celebs. That's not a real problem, by any stretch, but apparently it's also not true.

Munn shared a text exchange on her Instagram Story attempting to set the Theroux record straight:

(Related tabloid call out side note: Teri Hatcher just blasted a tabloid story that said she was broke and homeless and living in her van. Her publicist had told the magazine the story was false -- the paparazzi photos they had were from Hatcher shooting scenes for her YouTube series "Van Therapy" -- but the magazine ran the story anyway.)

Justin Theroux is now in the same boat. Another rumor claimed he was hitting on Selena Gomez, trying to hang out with her and blowing up her phone. Gossip Cop knocked down that rumor -- and another one claiming Angelina Jolie wanted to date Theroux to get "revenge" on Jen Aniston, which doesn't even make sense.

It feels inevitable that a tabloid will next try to pair Olivia Munn with Brad Pitt, unless they really want to insist that he's dating Jennifer Lawrence.

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