Miranda Hobbes could be relocating from New York City to Albany: Former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon has officially announced that she's running for New York State governor.

The Emmy-winning actress and longtime political activist kicked off her campaign on Monday, sharing a video message on Twitter declaring her love for her lifelong home, and her desire to fix what she calls its broken political system. At the forefront of her campaign platform is addressing New York's glaring income and education inequality, as well as repairing New York City's dilapidated subway system.

"I love New York. I've never wanted to live anywhere else. But something has to change," Nixon said in her announcement video. " ... Together we can win this fight."

Of course, despite the real political issues at stake, "SATC" fans couldn't help but wonder how Nixon's Miranda past would inform her future policy-making decisions as governor. Twitter users took the occasion to make a bunch of "Sex" jokes about her campaign.

Nixon will challenge current New York governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic party primary this fall.

[via: Cynthia Nixon/Twitter, Twitter Moments]