Did you find all of the Easter eggs?

Everything with "Deadpool" has double meaning, including the Easter eggs in Ryan Reynolds' Easter weekend "X-Men" version of "Where's Waldo?" There are tasty comic book treats in every inch of this very destructive little scene, plus some little eggs hidden in the bushes, inside the doughnut box, riding shotgun in the truck, etc. (CinemaBlend spotted 15 eggs, but it's not clear how many were hidden.)

If you're searching for Deadpool himself, he's wearing bunny ears toward the center of the image, to the left of the pyramid bush, with Cable about to knock him down.

I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.

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As ScreenRant noted, the clever artwork manages to combine the past 18 years of "X-Men" movies, including Patrick Stewart's Professor X chasing James McAvoy's Xavier with a pair of scissors.

Since RyRey shared the post, it's basically promotion for "Deadpool 2," which opens May 18 and includes the first look at the X-Force. More "X-Men" movies are coming, although two of them just got delayed a few months.

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