The "Friends" opening credits are a perfect pop culture time capsule, reminding us of a simpler time (a.k.a. the '90s) when awkwardly dancing in front of a giant fountain was the epitome of cool. So it makes sense, then, that that nostalgia-inducing sequence has gotten an even more retro reimagining, in the form of an homage to classic video games.

The upgrade -- or rather, retrograde -- comes courtesy of Warner Bros., which produced the clip in promotion of its new gaming-centric flick, "Ready Player One." (The studio's television division produced "Friends" back in the day, making the two projects corporate siblings.) This new version looks like it came straight out of an '80s 8-bit gaming console, flattening out the cast and turning the familiar fountain and orange couch into a tableau that could easily fit in alongside classic titles like "Zelda" or "Super Mario Bros."

Once you hear the new version of theme song "I'll Be There for You," you might not be able to un-hear it. But somehow, this transformation totally works (we love the attention to detail of Monica's ridiculously voluminous hairstyle and Chandler spouting water out of his mouth), and the characters look absolutely adorable bopping around in 2D.

The official "Friends" Twitter page later shared a couple of 8-bit GIF versions of some memorable scenes from the series. Unsurprisingly, we also think these are pretty awesome.

Could we be any more delighted? Well, maybe if they recreated this scene next.

[via: FRIENDS/Twitter]