EVERYTHING SUCKS!Well, this sucks.

The Netflix high school series "Everything Sucks" has just been canceled after one season.

The show's official Twitter account noted the occasion with a short but bittersweet message: "This is Boring High, signing off."

The comedy was about the clashes between an A/V club and the drama club in 1996 Oregon in a town called Boring. (That's a real town. You can look it up.)

Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston starred as two teens who decided to make a movie together after the high school play is canceled.

Fans of the show aren't taking it well, with many praising the its LGBT storylines and hoping the show gets picked up by another network or site. Others will miss the '90s nostalgia. (All the VHS! And awesome '90s tunes.)

One fan responded simply, "I'm cancelling Netflix."

[Via The Wrap]