Are you "mad" about this idea?

The reboot and revival train just stopped at a new station: "Mad About You." Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt had been negotiating for months for a possible return to the '90s sitcom. Entertainment Weekly just reported that they closed those deals, so they're officially on board.

That said, "Mad About You" now needs a network.

The show ran from 1992 to 1999 on NBC, so NBC might want it back. They're having success with the "Will & Grace" revival. ABC is doing quite well with its "Roseanne" revival, too, so they may want to snap up another nostalgia show.

"Mad About You" was popular -- with more than 20 million viewers most weeks throughout Season 3 -- and won Helen Hunt four Emmys. But fans weren't exactly clamoring for it to return, especially since the finale jumped ahead about 20 years in the future to show what happened to the Buchmans.

But maybe that's part of the revival pitch -- if the show ended in 1999, 2019 is 20 years later, so it could pick up from where those flash-forwards left off.

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