Tyra Banks wants Lindsay Lohan to "Be a Star" with her again.

The model-slash-actress is returning in the upcoming sequel to the Disney Channel's 2000 TV movie "Life-Size," and she's determined to get her co-star back. Banks, who is executive producing the project, discussed the follow-up film during Wednesday's episode of Steve Harvey's "Steve." While on the show, she made it clear that she's hoping to get Lohan on board.

"Yes, I really, really want her to [return]," Banks said. "We're talking about it right now and she has got to come back!"

Banks hasn't said what role Lohan would play, but in the original, she was a girl named Casey who accidentally brought to life her Eve doll while trying to resurrect her mother. Banks portrayed the living, breathing version of Eve, and she helped Casey cope with her loss. However, in the end (spoiler alert!), Eve decided to return home and turn back into a doll again.

The sequel will follow Eve as she has an impact on another young woman, according to EW. The project is described as a "fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie."

"Life-Size 2" is expected to premiere in December on Freeform.

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