Sci-fi just overtook comedy as Netflix subscribers' favorite genre. You know what's even better? When they can combine both in one series.

Netflix likes to know what makes you chill, and Business Insider just reported some findings from the streamer's first quarter of 2018. The most popular genre in Q1 was "sci-fi and fantasy," which is a change from this time last year when "comedy" was named the top choice. Now comedy is in second, followed by "action and adventure."

So Netflix is responding to meet this demand by making 29 percent of upcoming original content fit into the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

It's not that surprising when you consider the popularity of Netflix series like "Stranger Things," "Lost in Space," "Altered Carbon," "The OA," etc., and movies like "Bright." (Critics didn't love it, but fans ate it up.)

Of course, more content doesn't necessarily mean better content. Even Netflix fans didn't seem that fond of "The Cloverfield Paradox." Netflix does tend to have better luck with series over films, in terms of quality, but they don't release their streaming numbers to compare viewing trends.

And the popularity numbers are still close.

According to the Ampere Analysis data quoted by BI, 12 percent of subscribers picked sci-fi/fantasy as their favorite to put it on top. That's not a huge number, and last year 14 percent of subscribers picked comedy to put it at No. 1. Now comedy is down to 11 percent, but that's still very close behind sci-fi/fantasy. (So start sweating, Adam Sandler, but don't sweat too hard.)

Netflix's increase in sci-fi/fantasy may also be a strategic movie against Amazon's planned "Lord of the Rings" series -- which will reportedly feature five seasons and a potential spinoff.

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