"Grey's Anatomy" fans are still having a hard time accepting the upcoming departures of longtime stars Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw (and are even taking it out on some of the show's other cast members). But according to Ellen Pompeo, the actresses' endings won't be quite as upsetting as other previous character exits.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pompeo shared a few small teases about next week's season 14 finale of the ABC medical drama, revealing that she and the rest of the cast were going through "stages of grief" over losing Drew and Capshaw. While it's still unclear exactly how the actresses will be written out of the series, Pompeo promised that nothing malicious was in store for Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Arizona Robbins.

"You only get killed off when your behavior is bad," Pompeo told ET. "If you're a nice actor, you die nice. But yeah, these endings aren't tragic."

That certainly sounds like an awful lot of shade being thrown at a certain apparently-not-so-dearly-departed Dr. McDreamy. (Echoing similar comments "Grey's" creator Shonda Rhimes made not long after Patrick Dempsey's character was killed off back in season 11.) Pompeo didn't elaborate on her statement, but it sounds fair to say that she and the rest of the "Grey's" cast love Drew and Capshaw, and the show will be sending them off accordingly.

The season 14 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" is set to air on ABC on May 17.

[via: Entertainment Tonight]