"Solo: A Star Wars Story" could've been a disaster. No one can replace Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Two directors were fired and replaced with Ron Howard late into filming. There were rumors about issues with the tone. An acting coach was reportedly brought in for Alden Ehrenreich as young Han. Etc.

Well, based on the first reactions after the premiere, "Solo" turned out all right after all. In fact, one critic called it "a goddamn delight."

The reviews are semi-mixed -- there are still a couple of grumbles out there -- but most of the reactions were very positive about the acting, action, adventure, emotion, and future of the "Solo" franchise. 'Cause apparently we can expect several more movies. (Ehrenreich did say he had a three-picture deal with Lucasfilm.) Phoebe Waller-Bridge as droid L3 also seems to steal the show and may become a new fan favorite character.

Here are some of the first reactions:

Sounds pretty good so far. "Solo" opens in theaters May 25.

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