The Return of the King, indeed.

Loving all of the rumors coming out about Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" prequels. No clue if any of them will pan out, but we might as well talk about something while we wait for official announcements.

The prequel series has a five-season commitment and leaves the door open for a possible spinoff. The whole thing is expected to set Amazon back at least $1 billion, with $250 million of that just going toward the rights from the Tolkien estate.

There's been a lot of speculation about what stories the LOTR series could cover, and confidently spilled what they heard on that topic:

There are MANY more tweets in that thread, so jump in if you want to join the speculation.

This is not confirmed, but it's intriguing to think of the first season focusing on the character of young Aragorn. It's a shame to lose Viggo Mortensen, who brought Aragorn to life for millions of fans in Peter Jackson's film series, but obviously they'd need to recast with at least one younger actor.

If the first season follows Aragorn, would that mean the next season would have a different focus, following chronologically in time but still before the events of LOTR?

This same outlet recently shared the rumor that Peter Jackson was mulling over whether to join this Amazon series -- continuing his work from the LOTR and "The Hobbit" films -- or jump ship to the DC Universe.

Previous updates on the Amazon series from The Hollywood Reporter said Amazon may use footage from Jackson's movies in the series. Peter Jackson was invited to come aboard as an executive producer, but it was up to him how much involvement he'd want.

What do you think of this young Aragorn idea? You into it? There's no premiere date at this point for the new series, but THR said the terms of the agreement state Amazon has to go into production within two years.

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