The Gorgeous Ladies of Women's Wrestling are ready to bring us even wilder matches.

As Netflix gears up for "GLOW" Season 2, the cast has been teasing what's to come when the series returns. One thing we can expect, according to star Betty Gilpin, is more impressive work on the mats. She teased more complicated stunts while speaking to Variety during Netflix's NYSee event on Wednesday.

"We're doing way bigger moves this season," she said. "I, in particular, do a huge amount of wrestling in Season 2, and my joints and muscles and ligaments are squeaking and singing like an old, old woman."

Gilpin already did a fair amount of wrestling in Season 1. As Debbie Eagan, she was the friend-turned-rival of Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), and she ended up creating the Liberty Belle character after her anger about a situation got her involved with the wrestling show within the Netflix show. However, "GLOW" was "holding back" during its first season, according to Carly Mensch, one of the show's executive producers.

"I think we were holding back a lot in Season 1, but we kind of knew we had more exciting things planned," she told Variety. "It's kind of like we were holding cards behind our back and now we get to play them."

We'll see how far they take it when "GLOW" Season 2 hits Netflix on June 29.

[via: Variety]