Spoilers galore!

A new image purporting to be official "Avengers 4" concept art has fans in deep speculation mode. It's not confirmed by Marvel -- and could simply be fan art -- but it's being taken seriously by various comic book fans and outlets, so it's worth checking out.

Hero X published the art, and sent it to Screen Rant; if it's truly associated with "Avengers 4" then it's the first "official" look at anything from the movie. (Those leaked set photos aren't "official," but they are very telling.)

Let's assume for the moment that the concept art is indeed legit. If so, it's filled with spoilers.

Here's a closer look:

The artwork clearly gathers the "Avengers: Infinity War" stars who were not dust-busted by Thanos in "The Snappening."

We (finally) see Hawkeye and Ant-Man ... but not The Wasp. Was she dust-busted, and we'll find that out after "Ant-Man and the Wasp"?

We see Captain Marvel with the team, even though we have yet to meet her. Brie Larson's "Captain Marvel" will be released in theaters two months before "Avengers 4." The end scene of "Infinity War" showed Nick Fury sending her a message, so we know she'll be key moving forward.

In another interesting note, The Hulk is shown in costume, and may hint to a Professor Hulk storyline for "Avengers 4."

Also, Black Widow and Captain America seem to have reverted to their pre-Infinity War looks -- she with red hair, and he clean-shaven.

Here's one fan's list of takeaways:

Yeah, but Hawkeye's kids may have been vaporized. But don't worry. We're pretty sure the vaporized stuff isn't going to last, especially since the original Avengers are the ones whose contracts are ending after "Avengers 4," and the next phase of the MCU seems focused on the characters who were vaporized.

So our OGs will get one last hurrah in "Avengers 4." We already know Cap and Black Widow will have much bigger roles in "Avengers 4" than they did in "Infinity War," and Chris Hemsworth said "Avengers 4" will shock fans more than "Avengers 3," but in a completely different way.

"Avengers 4" opens in theaters May 3, 2019. "Captain Marvel" opens March 8th, 2019. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" is next up for the MCU, on July 6, 2018.

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