As a guest on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," you can't expect to escape without the host making you blush. If Shawn Mendes didn't know that before, he certainly does now. While he appeared on the June 4 episode, he had to sit through a supercut of his voice cracking during performances.

Before revealing that he had such a video up his sleeve, Corden asked Mendes about his signature falsetto and how he'd developed the skills hit notes in a higher range. The singer explained that he was "obsessed with falsetto" and had trained with a coach for three years to nail it. Of course, Corden couldn't resist pointing out the challenges of puberty. After joking about it with Mendes, he announced he'd be playing a video showing "Shawn Mendes going through puberty in front of millions."

"I didn't approve this," Mendes said, clearly embarrassed. "I did not approve this."

The non-Mendes-approved video rolled nonetheless, and viewers got to see the singer laugh at himself as it played. Luckily, he only had to sit through about 15 seconds of voice-cracking before the good-natured torture ended.

Watch below.

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