When post on social media combines Reese Witherspoon, confirmation of "Legally Blonde 3," and a reenactment of an iconic scene from the series, an outpouring of love and excitement is the natural result.

Witherspoon confirmed the upcoming sequel Thursday on social media, posting a video of herself floating in a pool wearing what looks like the same pink sequin bikini she wore in 2001's "Legally Blonde." Immediately, people began celebrating. There was a flood of Elle Woods GIFs, memes, and quotes, plus fans weighing in on how thrilled they were. Basically, no one objected; instead, they heralded the way she broke the news as "iconic," encouraged others to "bend and snap," and speculated about what the sequel could have in store for their favorite Harvard Law grad.

Here are some of the best reactions for fans who are ready to buy their tickets now:

"Legally Blonde 3" is due out Valentine's Day 2020. This is going to be just like senior year, except for funner.