It's official: The wound caused by Sarah Drew's "Grey's Anatomy" exit has been reopened.

News came in March that Drew and Jessica Capshaw would both be leaving the show after Season 14, and to say that fans took it badly would be an understatement. It doesn't sound like their co-star Jesse Williams was any happier. The actor recently spoke to TV Guide about it and called it "sad" and "unfortunate."

Williams had particularly sweet things to say about Drew, who joined the show with him during Season 6. Their characters -- Drs. Jackson Avery and April Kepner -- were closely linked, first as newcomers from Mercy West Hospital when it merged with what was then known as Seattle Grace Hospital, and then as his long-time love interest.

"That's my partner, my road dog, so it was unpleasant, but she's such a professional and did such incredible work down to the last frame," he said of Drew, "and I'm really proud to have had our time together."

And just when we thought we were reaching the acceptance stage of grief, we're right back to anger and depression. It's clearly been hard for Williams and the rest of the cast, too so they have our sympathy -- and our tears. Don't mind us crying over here.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 15 will return in the fall on ABC.

[via: TV Guide]