Bruce Willis in Die Hard

20th Century Fox

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie and those who say it's not.

The 1988 movie's star, Bruce Willis, revealed himself to be part of the "no" camp during a recent Comedy Central roast, according to EW. He made his position clear at the event, saying, "'Die Hard' is not a Christmas movie!" Now, fans are weighing in, too, and they're getting heated.

In the aftermath of Willis's comment, "Die Hard" has become a major topic of conversation on Twitter. Ironically, fans aren't so much busy discussing how the film turned 30 on Sunday as they are publicly disagreeing with Willis's take on the movie.

The tweets have been pretty hilarious:

Look what Willis has started. "Die Hard" fans are apparently protective of the movie's Christmas connection, and they aren't about to let him ruin the holiday for them. We might all need to agree to disagree here. If you want to watch "Die Hard" around Christmas this year, go ahead; if not, feel free to find another way to amuse yourself.