Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer in UnREAL


It's not every day -- or ever, really -- that an entire new season of a TV series drops on Hulu with zero warning, but that's the surprise "UnREAL" fans got on Monday.

It was reported in late May that the "UnREAL" Season 4 would premiere on Hulu before airing on Lifetime, but given that Season 3 only ended its run at the end of April, fans had no idea the next premiere would come so soon. That made for some pretty hilarious reactions on Twitter after the big release Monday. "UnREAL" fans made it clear that this was a plot twist, and one that they mostly really liked. Not even news of the show's cancellation seemed to change that.

"UnREAL," which stars Shiri Appleby (Rachel) and Constance Zimmer (Quinn), among others, first premiered in 2015 to critical acclaim. The first season won a Peabody Award, but its later seasons weren't able to duplicate its early success. The show has now officially been canceled, but at least fans got one more season -- and a nice, big surprise -- before having to say goodbye.

All seasons of "UnREAL" are now streaming on Hulu.