Conan, Nick Offerman


As long as they don't growl "F*ck Batman" like that ingrate Robin...

The CW has a "Batwoman" series coming up, and Joss Whedon used to be making a "Batgirl" movie for DC.

Conan O'Brien jumped in on all the Batlady talk with nice little video taking us behind-the-scenes for the "Batgirl" auditions:

Auditioning stars included Kristen Schaal, Tig Notaro, Maria Bamford (upside down, going Method), Nicole Byer, and even Nick Offerman -- who was pissed that they were only looking at women for the role.

Nick Offerman: "Of course. This is the same bullsh*t I got on 'Ocean's 8.' I bet Sandy Bullock gets this one too!"

Heh. Sandra Bullock didn't even show. But Hilary Swank did. She held up one of her Oscars to say "This is my audition right here." BOOM.

Jodie Foster later auditioned, asking if Swank brought her Oscar as her audition.  Told yes, she brought out her own funky knight statue.

Wanda Sykes later auditioned, aking if Jodie Foster brought out her "weird" knight statue.

Thomas Middleditch also auditioned, but just for the role of a waiter.

Conan played favorites, and maybe he's right:

It's tough to top Ron Swanson. Hilary Swank might want to up her argument by bringing in her second Oscar for a second audition.

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