This looks like quite a trip.

Netflix just shared the official trailer for the limited series "Maniac" from Cary Fukunaga.

Emma Stone, Jonah HillJustin Theroux, and even Sally Field star in the series that already feels like a mix of "Black Mirror," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," maybe "Inception," and -- thanks to some mind-games -- "Lord of the Rings." You can throw in some "Superbad" if you want, since it's a reunion for two of the stars.

It's also retro fabulous.

Here's the brief synopsis:

MANIAC tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. Things do not go as planned.

Here's the trailer:

Yes, Jonah Hill looks different again. He does that.

A bunch of cool photos were released a while back. Netflix tends to be great at series, not so great at movies. So since this is a series, we're very excited and intrigued.

"Maniac" will be ready for streaming on Netflix September 21.

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