Warner Bros.

Ever wondered why we didn't get a standalone Catwoman movie with Michelle Pfeiffer after her purr-fect portrayal of the slinky villain in "Batman and Robin?"

One very stupid Warner Bros. executive, apparently.

As part of #shareyourrejections on Twitter, screenwriter John August told the story of how his Catwoman movie got voted down 20 years ago. Because the exec wanted Sarah Michelle Gellar instead of Pfeiffer. And she had to be washing her hair.

August (who's penned films including "Go," "Big Fish," and "Charlie's Angels") envisioned a plot where Selina Kyle leaves Gotham and is unaware of what her alter-ego is up to.

(Also, he shares that the Gellar-obsessed exec had nothing to do with her 2004 hit movie "The Grudge," in which she washes her hair. But we bet the unnamed exec owns that on Blu-ray.)

Here's the whole Twitter thread.