David Harbour in Stranger Things

Courtesy of Netflix

As production on "Stranger Things" Season 3 continues, star David Harbour is continuing to give hints of what's to come.

The actor's recent interview with TheWrap was another informative one. He opened up about the challenges his character, Chief Jim Hopper, will face in Season 3, and thanks to his comments, we know he's "at a boiling point." He pointed to his "domestic life" as at least one of the causes.

Hopper's life has transformed in a big way since the series began, especially his home life. In Season 1, he was coping (badly) with the loss of his family, and since then, he's more or less created a new one. He took on the responsibility of caring for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and as we saw during her epic telekinetic tantrum, that is not easy.

Harbour described "raising a teenage daughter who's becoming a woman" as "the greatest challenge" for Hopper. In fact, he said it's "probably more terrifying than any Demogorgon could be." That may be true, but so far, he's been managing to do deal with both at the same time.

We bet he'll have more to juggle, too. Harbour has been pushing for Hopper to get together with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), and Brown is shipping them, too. There has definitely been tension between their characters, so maybe there will be some developments there. Either way, though, there are bound to be more supernatural threats in Hawkins, Indiana, for Hopper to face, so we'll see if he boils over.

"Stranger Things" Season 3 debuts on Netflix in 2019.

[via: TheWrap]