Michael B. Jordan

Warner Bros.

Out with Henry Cavill, in with Michael B. Jordan?

In the wake of reports that Cavill is done playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe comes a new, tantalizing rumor: "Black Panther" and "Creed II" star Jordan is being eyed as the next Clark Kent.

Deadline reports, "Warner Bros. has been mulling a completely different direction with its Superman canon for some time, even considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role down the road."

Interestingly, just last week, WarnerMedia, the studio's parent company, announced it had formed a partnership with the actor aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in front of and behind the camera.

If this rumor becomes reality, Jordan would be the first black Superman on screen. In the comics, there is already a black Superman named Calvin Ellis who's also the president of the United States on another Earth in an alternate universe.

Jordan has already gotten his feet wet in superhero movies with a dazzling and much-acclaimed turn in Marvel's "Black Panther" earlier this year. It's extremely unlikely he'd reprise his role in future movies (since his character, you know, died), so he would be free to jump ship to the DCEU.

Of course, this isn't reality yet, and Warner Bros. is focusing on the announced "Supergirl" movie (that will be unrelated to The CW's series).