Apparently ... you watched? Many people must've watched. Or maybe Netflix just can't resist a controversial talking point.

Before "Insatiable" even premiered, there was a petition for Netflix to cancel it for (allegedly) fat-shaming and sending bad messages to teens.

But if Netflix was going to bring back "13 Reasons Why" for three seasons, there was no way it was going to pull "Insatiable."

After the series premiered, some viewers really liked the satire, and others found it to be even worse than they expected.

But now the streamer is doubling down, giving "Insatiable" a second season.

Fans are thrilled. Critics are frustrated. But it gets people talking and Netflix loves that messy drama. Besides, you don't *have* to watch.

Here are the stars reacting to the Season 2 news:

Debates are raging in comments over the merits of the show. Some fans can't believe Netflix would renew "Insatiable" while canceling other shows like "Everything Sucks!" "Gypsy," "Sense8," and even "Shadowhunters" even though "Shadowhunters" is not even a Netflix show. "Shadowhunters" fans are just that passionate and that frustrated at all the other stuff that gets to return when their show was axed by Freeform.

But as many fans have pointed out, it comes down to who watched. The cancellation petition probably backfired and got more curious rubberneckers to watch the series.

That's how shows get renewed -- it's not impassioned tweeters, it's eyeballs on the screen.

Plus, there's a cliffhanger mystery to solve:

No word yet on when "Insatiable" Season 2 will go into production or premiere, but probably in the next year.

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