Chris Pine, Outlaw King


Chris Pine's Scottish Robert the Bruce film hits Netflix November 9.

But "Outlaw King" first premiered earlier this month at the Toronto Film Festival, and fans weren't impressed with the 137-minute pace.

Director David Mackenzie told Deadline he "could feel what the audience was like in the theater. I’m sensitive to the way they felt." Critics were also largely unimpressed, with some calling out the "bloated running time and narrative tedium."

So Mackenzie went back to the editing bay and created a new cut with the audience in mind. Now the final cut is under two hours -- "but it’s still very much an epic" -- and he invited critics who weren't into it the first time to give it another shot.

One scene that was NOT cut, Deadline noted, was Chris Pine's full frontal nudity.
"I can’t understand why people get worked about that," Mackenzie told Deadline. "I made 10 films and most of them had male frontal nudity; it’s a bathing scene and people do tend to get out of the bath without clothes."

Bless him for equal opportunity nudity, but when a Hollywood Chris goes nude -- when *Captain Kirk is in the nip* -- yeah, it's going to get attention. Apparently it got A LOT of attention. But if the other attention was on the film's sluggish pace maybe they should be glad Chris Pine became a marketing tool.

"Outlaw King" will screen October 17 at the London Film Festival, and stream on Netflix November 9.

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