X-Men, James McAvoy, Charles Xavier

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James McAvoy is willing to be Sir Patrick Stewart's "flashback guy" again. Engage, Captain!

McAvoy has had a fantastic career so far, but if he stopped everything in its tracks and only ever played young Patrick Stewart in everything -- we'd be fine with it. He'd be a hero.

Patrick Stewart plays the senior Charles Xavier in Fox's "X-Men" films, with James McAvoy later joining the franchise as the young Professor X.

Stewart just started filming his return to Captain Jean-Luc Picard for his new CBS All Access "Star Trek" series, sharing this photo:

McAvoy replied with this offer:

“Need a flashback guy???? Just saying @sirpatstew I’ve got previous experience and will work for autographs.”

DO IT.  Plus, as one fan suggested...

Love it. In August, Stewart announced his return to Picard, after the end of "Star Trek: The Next Generation":

The new Picard series has yet to announce a premiere date on CBS All Access. Better book McAvoy fast, though, since he has a busy year coming up promoting "Glass," the "It" sequel, and "X-Men: Dark Phoenix."

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