Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures

We all thought Regina George from "Mean Girls" was one of a kind, but it turns out she has a doppelganger.

The look-alike in question is Clarisse Muller, a teen beauty queen from Namibia. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Rachel McAdams's queen bee character, and people are seriously freaking out. There's been a frenzy of "Mean Girls" memes, quotes, and general expressions of shock.

Muller came to the internet's collective attention when the Namibian teen magazine Afterbreak wrote a profile on her. The magazine posted her photo on Twitter, and people couldn't believe their eyes. And rightfully so -- look:

We're right there with them. Muller looks like she could be subbed into one of the "Mean Girls" posters without anyone noticing a difference.

The tweets were hilarious.

The photo caught so much attention that Afterbreak's website crashed. The magazine had to tweet about the crash and ask people for their patience.

So fetch.

[via: Twitter]