Vince Vaughn in Brawl in Cell Block 99

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It's back to comedy for Vince Vaughn.

The actor has done a string of serious films recently, but he's ready for a more lighthearted role. Vaughn is set to lend his voice to the Netflix series "F Is for Family." The streamer announced his guest role on Wednesday, Oct. 3 and showed off a video that introduces his new character.

Vaughn will play Colonel Chet Stevenson, a man who moves into the Murphy family's neighborhood. Netflix describes him as "a legendary Air Force pilot," as Deadline reports, and he's apparently only recently returned to the United States after fighting in Vietnam. He and Frank (voiced by Bill Burr) will form a special bond, as you'll see in the clip.

Watch the video announcement below. Warning: It's NSFW.

Vaughn was most recently seen in the 2017 action thriller "Brawl in Cell Block 99" and before that, the 2016 war drama "Hacksaw Ridge." However, he is well-known for his comedy roles, including in film such as "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," "The Internship," and "Wedding Crasher." His "F Is for Family" role is more in line with what we typically think of when we think of Vaughn, and it should be an entertaining one, however long his character sticks around.

"F Is for Family" is heading into its third season, but Netflix has still not yet announced the premiere date.