Practical Magic

Warner Bros.

Yes. A thousand times YES.

"Practical Magic" -- starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as the wonderfully witchy Owens sisters -- just celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 16.

Evan Rachel Wood was only about 11-years-old when she played Sally's (Bullock) daughter Kylie Owens, who looked and acted a lot more like her Aunt Gillian (Kidman).

"Westworld" star Evan, now 31, retweeted an anniversary post...

... then responded to a fan's idea for a sequel following her character today:

No doubt. The fan who suggested the idea is actually Netflix's social media manager, so if Netflix gets behind this, we could at least potentially add it to their list of 10 gazillion titles. Or maybe it could still get a wide theatrical release.

All of this is theoretical rather than practical magic, of course, since there is no sequel plan to speak of. Not yet.

But come on. If Evan Rachel Wood is down for it, and fans are into the idea, why not? It's not a reboot. It's not even one of those "continuations" set in the same universe. It's a straight-up sequel picking up the story 20 years later. Please?

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