Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious 7

Universal Pictures

Even Dwayne Johnson feels like there's "always room for improvements" when it comes to his body, but for now, he's where he wants to be for "Hobbs & Shaw."

The upcoming "Fast & Furious" spinoff centers on Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) as they team up against a common enemy, a scary new villain played by Idris Elba. Johnson teased early this month that Elba's character would bring "the showdown of all showdowns," meaning Johnson should be in top physical form for the role. On Oct. 21, the former WWE wrestler proclaimed that he had officially "hit the mark."

In an Instagram post, Johnson described himself as "260lbs of attitude [and] classy cuss words." He also told fans that he'd put in 18 weeks following a "disciplined diet" and doing "intense" training. Here are the results:

To be perfectly honest, The Rock always looks that buff to us, so we don't see a huge difference. That's not to say we're not impressed with his work, of course, because obviously it takes a lot of effort to achieve and maintain that kind of physique. We're just glad that he has brought his A game to the set of "Hobbs & Shaw."

The action flick is in production now and is slated to open July 26.

[via: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram]