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At last, James Wan can take a nap.

The "Aquaman" director celebrated the completion of the aquatic superhero flick in an Instagram post on Sunday, Nov. 4. The film starring Jason Momoa was a "monster undertaking" that has been "devouring [his] every waking hour," as he put it. He didn't do it alone, of course, so he made sure to show his gratitude for the post-production team.

"I can’t THANK enough the amazing post team of VFX/editorial/sound for working tirelessly around the clock -- crazy long days, 7 days a week, for many many many weeks without a day off -- towards making this a unique and beautiful film," Wan wrote in part. "Everyone poured their heart and soul into it, and I can’t wait to share this 21st December! In the meantime, I'm gonna take a really long nap now."

With the film centering on a half-mortal, half-Atlantean (Momoa) who returns to the ocean to deal with a threat to the human world, it understandably required a lot of movie magic. That's thanks to the people Wan mentioned. Given that the average moviegoer only sees the final result and not the work that goes into it, Wan's message is a good reminder of all that they contributed.

The fruits of their labor and Wan's will be on display when "Aquaman" hits theaters on Dec. 21, so hopefully they'll all get naps before then.