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The "Veronica Mars" revival won't be premiering until sometime in the second half of 2019, but that doesn't mean that we can't be overly-excited about it right this minute. And the latest dispatch from Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, should certainly please diehard Marshmallows.

In a Twitter post and Instagram Stories and video, Bell revealed a look at the set of the revival, offering a tour of the familiar offices of Mars Investigations. Many of the props from the original series were accounted for (hey there, Lady Justice!), and there was even a nice surprise for Veronica herself: A brand new office of her own, complete with an impressive wall of books and a fancy nameplate.

"Being in the Investigations office brings up a lot of memories, and nostalgia, and feelings of, Who on earth let us do this again?!" Bell said in one video.

Fans are no doubt similarly pinching themselves over the revival, which is slated to run for eight episodes on Hulu, and bring back much of the original cast (not to mention some pretty awesome newcomers). The "hardcore So-Cal noir," as creator Rob Thomas put it, focuses on the murder of spring break revelers in Neptune, and how the crimes drive yet another wedge between the city's wealthy elite and its working class.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes peeks at the series. We have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more before the show's 2019 debut.