Aquaman trailer still

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In the latest case of superhero suits being wildly uncomfortable, the stars of "Aquaman" admitted that they had a couple of complaints about their costumes.

As Mera, Amber Heard had to wear a shiny, skintight bodysuit that was particularly hard to put on. She didn't suffer in silence, either. The actress confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she voiced her gripes about it.

"My input with regards to my costume was mostly complaining while being vacuum sealed into it," she told EW.

Heard's suit wasn't the only one with a tight fit -- or the associated struggles. Her co-star Jason Momoa revealed that it was so hard to go to the bathroom when wearing his that he had to be "really good at holding it." It was apparently a challenge they both faced, because Heard nodded in agreement as he described it and added, "Real engineering feat."

In spite of the complaints, the actress praised the costume designers and described their work as "a whole other level of functional art." As she noted, they created impressive outfits, even if they weren't always easy to wear. And really, can you expect anything else when the suits are based on ones worn by 2D characters?

[via: EW]