Vox Lux trailer still


Academy Award winner Natalie Portman acts, dances, and now sings, too.

The actress stars in Neon's upcoming musical drama "Vox Lux," and the latest trailer shows off her vocal abilities. In it, she performs a song called "Wrapped Up," which is by the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sia and composer Scott Walker.

As the preview shows, Portman's character, Celeste, is a pop star dealing with some serious struggles. The film follows her at different periods in her career, starting in 1999 when a young Celeste (played by Raffey Cassidy) skyrockets to fame. This is no fluffy journey, though. Her career is born out of tragedy and there appear to be other hardships as well.

"You know, sometimes you just get kicked while you're down," we hear in the trailer.

Watch -- and listen -- below.

Directed by Brady Corbet, the film's cast also includes Jude Law, Christopher Abbott, Maria Dizzia, Meg Gibson, and Daniel London.

"Vox Lux" opens in select theaters on Dec. 7, and then expands to theaters everywhere on Dec. 14.