Capt. Jean-Luc Picard will be beaming up for duty again soon: The new "Star Trek" series focused on the continued adventures of Sir Patrick Stewart's "Next Generation" character is set to debut on CBS All Access sometime late next year.

That was the word from new CBS Corporation chief creative officer David Nevins, who chatted about his new role overseeing content for CBS, CBS All Access, and Showtime at the 46th Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference on Tuesday. And according to Nevins, there's a feeling of "huge anticipation" at the company over the still-untitled Picard project.

The new series, coupled with the premiere of the second season of "Star Trek: Discovery," will mark an exciting year for All Access, the exec promised.

"In 2019, it's not one 'Star Trek,' it's two 'Star Treks' -- 'Discovery' at the beginning of the year, and Picard will start at the end of the year," Nevins told the conference crowd.

Details about the new series are still scant, including the aforementioned lack of title, not to mention lack of plot. While early reports suggested it will pick up with Picard after the events of the last "Next Generation" film, 2002's "Nemesis," that has yet to be confirmed.

What is confirmed is that there's an excellent creative team on board for the show, as revealed by Stewart on Instagram earlier this fall.

We're eager to see where this group boldly goes. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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