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Fans who've been dying for more sneak peeks at the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot are about to have a hell of a week: A trailer for the film -- which features "Stranger Things" star David Harbour in the title role -- is finally dropping in a few days, and two new posters have also been revealed.

IGN confirmed that the first "Hellboy" trailer will make its debut on Thursday, and also debuted a new one-sheet from the flick. Like the previous poster, this imagery is embracing the hero's unshorn horns -- an atypical look for the demon that hints at some pretty intense plot developments in the new film.

Dark Horse Entertainment via IGN

Here's the breakdown (with potential SPOILERS from the "Hellboy" comics), according to IGN:

This is the first image for Hellboy that shows him in his transformed Anung Un Rama look with his horns and fiery crown in full view, while earlier teases for the movie have shown Hellboy with his sawed off horns as we normally see him, or with the full horns partially obscured.

Hellboy might fight to protect the world against terrible fantastical creatures, but we know from the comics that it’s always been his destiny to live up to his Anung Un Rama birth name and use his bulky Right Hand of Doom to unlock a prison holding apocalypse-bringing monsters. That is all a fancy way to say that if Hellboy has his horns and crown of flame in the movie, then things are probably going to get really bad in a really epic way.

Sounds demonically delightful.

And speaking of epic, Harbour himself shared a motion poster for the film, featuring his character communing with some hellish lightning.

According to the actor, the film will showcase "one Big Red Flower, beast of the apocalypse, The right hand of doom, the buttkicker of the BPRD, and a host of all kinds of big ole giants and witches and fairies and janky overgrown ugly pig monsters from your nightmares." We're sold.

"Hellboy" hits theaters on April 12.

[via: IGN, David Harbour/Instagram]