French director Alexandre Aja, whose films include "Horns," "The Hills Have Eyes" remake and "High Tension," will be back this summer with "Crawl," a movie where a woman faces off with a Category 5 hurricane, rising water and alligators.

Given his previous resumé (and the fact he's teaming with "Evil Dead" horror icon Sam Raimi, who'll produce), we assume it'll be better than, say, "Sharknado."

"Crawl" will hit theaters on August 23, Paramount stated Friday. No photos are available yet, so please enjoy this tense moment (above) from Aja's "Piranha 3D."

In other Paramount scheduling news, family film "Playing With Fire" has been set for a March 20, 20202 release. And "The Loud House" movie, based on the animated Nickelodeon show, was just taken off the studio's 2020 calendar.

[Via THR]