Warner Bros.

Now that "Aquaman" is officially the biggest DC Comics movie, a sequel is getting put on a priority track.

Warner Bros. hopes to bring back director James Wan.Deadline reports that the plan is for Wan to oversee development on "Aquaman 2" and then decide if he'll direct after seeing the script.

The superhero flick starring Jason Momoa has made $1.09 billion worldwide. It has now passed the $1.085 billion mark set by Christopher Nolan’s "The Dark Knight Rises."

With that kind of success, Warner Bros. wants to repeat the magic. And just like the studio courted Patty Jenkins heavily (and gave her a raise) to do "Wonder Woman 2," they're eager to bring back Wan. He is the only director who has made a billion-dollar film for two different studios (2016's "Furious 7" made $1.5 billion for Universal).

Deadline's sources say it's likely Wan will return as he is "deeply invested in the world creation aspect of 'Aquaman'" and sees it as "a fantasy setting that can be cinematically comparable to Middle-earth, the Jedi galaxy or the wizarding world of the Harry Potter films."