With Disney buying Fox, fans have been dying to know: Will Disney put out an R-rated "Deadpool" film or clean up the foul-mouthed superhero's language?

In a shareholders conference call today,  Disney CEO Bob Iger indicated that Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) can carry on cursing, that is, if there are any more "Deadpool" films.

“We do believe there is room for the Fox properties to exist without significant Disney influence over the nature of the content," he said. "Meaning that we see that there's certainly popularity amongst Marvel fans for the R-rated 'Deadpool films,' for instance, we’re going to continue in that business, and there might be room for more of that.”

Now "there might be room for more of that" is not exactly, "we're thrilled to be in the 'Deadpool' business."

Disney will certainly have its hands full with the merger and juggling its many, many existing properties and its new streaming service. With all that going on, yes, there is undoubtedly room for more Deadpool.

"Once Upon a Deadpool" -- essentially, "Deadpool 2" with some new footage -- tested the waters for a PG-13 version of the red-suited hero.

The Disney/Fox merger is still waiting for the “last few” approvals before becoming finalized, according to The Playlist. And then brace for massive layoffs.