New Line

Hark! The Twitter account for Amazon's upcoming "Lord of the Rings" TV series is awake and tweeting.

And the first tweet is: A map of Middle Earth. You can download it and zoom in on it, but it's not interactive. And we haven't found any Easter Eggs. Yet.

But, theories abound  about what it might mean.

The "Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky" quote is, of course, the beginning of the poem about the origin of the One Ring.

That means the series might be set during Middle Earth's Second Age, when Sauron first had the 16 rings forged, beginning with the three for the Elves. When Sauron first put on the One Ring (which, as you well know, rules them all), the Elves took theirs off, which prompted Sauron to declare war. Which he lost. And then the One Ring was lost. And you know the rest.

One Twitter deep diver, @tolkienthot, suggests that due to the map 's lack of the region of Beleriand, the series will be set after the War of Wraith, so in the Second or Third Age.

And could the seemingly dwarvish rune mean the series will be about dwarves? (It seems highly unlikely Amazon would be spending all that cash on a series that's just about guys like Gimli. Now, Fili and Kili, however...)

Early rumors suggested that the show would focus on a young Aragorn, bolstered by the fact Amazon has said the series will take place before the events of "The Fellowship of the Ring," the first of the LOTR novels.

Since Aragorn is supposed to be 87 in the films (he lived to be 210!), that means we could potentially have decades of Young Aragorn before he joins the Fellowship.

The series  is slated to go into production sometime this year, with an expected premiere date of 2021.

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