The magnificence of Celine Dion cannot be summed up by one biopic, so a second one is now in the works.

Quebec director Marc-Andre Lavoie is working on "Cèline Before Celine," an English-language feature that will follow the iconic singer's family upbringing before global stardom, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A separate Dion biopic, titled "The Power of Love," is a French production slated for a release in 2020.

"Cèline Before Celine" will focus on the singer's early life in Quebec as the youngest of 14 children and end before she met her late husband and manager Rene Angelil. And of course, well before she became a superstar thanks to the Oscar-winning song "My Heart Will Go On" from 1997's "Titanic."

The project has the support of Dion's family, including her mother Therese Dion. Lavoie has been given access to family archives and testimonials about her early life in Quebec. Jimmy Dion, the singer's nephew, will write the screenplay.

In a letter Dion wrote to Lavoie, "I wanted to let you know just how much I was touched by the film that you are preparing. With your unique approach, you managed to seize the essence of a period that is very dear to my heart."