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A new trailer for upcoming "X-Men" spinoff "Dark Phoenix" is set to debut later this week, and filmmakers have unveiled a new poster for the flick to mark the occasion.

This latest one-sheet is actually remarkably similar to the international poster for Comic Con Brazil, which featured a cool riff on classic comics covers. Though the new one isn't illustrated in a pen and ink style, it does also depict Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) front and center, surrounded on either side by the two powerful men vying for control of her newfound abilities: Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

20th Century Fox

Of course, this poster works just as well on its own, even without the comic reference, since it makes it clear that Jean's inner struggle as she embraces her Dark Phoenix identity will be the film's main focus. All of the characters who stand on either side of that divide lurk ominously in the background. (Though oddly, not Jessica Chastain's ice blonde shapeshifting villain.)

In a tweet revealing the poster, the official "X-Men" films Twitter account also teased that a new trailer would be dropping on Wednesday night. Keep your eyes peeled for that tomorrow.

"Dark Phoenix" is due in theaters on June 7.

[via: X-Men/Twitter]