Ready to take a magic carpet ride?

Disney unveiled a new trailer for the live-action remake of "Aladdin," which features a snippet of the 1992 original's iconic music, including the Oscar and Grammy Award-winning song "A Whole New World."

With it comes a glimpse of the famous magic carpet ride shared by titular thief (Mena Massoud) and Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott).

We also get a much better look at Will Smith's blue Genie, whose first appearance in last month generated quite a bit of controversy (and Twitter jokes). And there's even a tease of his big number "Friends Like Me."

Not surprisingly, the trailer also showcases the comedic tone of the movie. The original was also chock full of jokes and the late Robin Williams' hamming it up. It seems that even though this take is live-action, it isn't trying to be much more serious.

"Aladdin" opens in theaters May 24.