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If you weren't already unnerved by the trailer for "The Joker," when you add in scenes from Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master," it gets even creepier.

Joaquin Phoenix's malevolent clown from the upcoming DC movie blends surprisingly well with his maladjusted ex-serviceman Freddie Quell from "The Master."

The mash-up is from film and television editor Nelson Carvajal (via Free Cinema Now). He adds Jonny Greenwood's unsettling score from "The Master" (instead of the Jimmy Durante song "Smile"), as well as dialogue from "The Master" to make it feel as if Freddie and The Joker might just be the same guy.

In VO, Quell is told, "If the average civilian had been through the same stresses that you have been through, undoubtedly, they too would develop the same nervous condition."

Cut to a scene of Quell losing his temper as a department store photographer and choking a customer with his own tie.

It's not that far removed from the steady unraveling of aspiring stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck as he morphs into The Joker.

Phoenix received his third Oscar nomination for "The Master," and of course, the debate about whether he'll be nominated again as The Joker has already begun.

"The Joker" is out October 4.

[Via IndieWire]