Aaron Epstein/Netflix

Netflix subscribers who can't wait for the upcoming third season of "Stranger Things" can tide themselves over with "Rim of the World," a new film featuring a ragtag group of kids who team up to fight off some scary creatures.

It's clear that the movie is inspired at least in part by the Duffer Brothers series (heck, the main foursome even ride bikes together), with the young protagonists bonding over a sudden alien invasion that interrupts their summer adventure camp experience. Pop culture references abound, including nods to "Star Wars," "Jurassic Park," and "Independence Day," the latter of which gets an especially hysterical shout-out in the flick's trailer.

Processing an alien invasion is hard enough for Alex (Jack Gore), ZhenZhen (Miya Cech), Dariush (Benjamin Flores Jr.), and Gabriel (Alessio Scalzotto), who find themselves alone at their campground. But then, they're entrusted with a special key that may hold the answer to stopping the attack and saving the world -- as long as they can survive without any adults or electronics.

The trailer looks super fun, and with McG ("Charlie's Angels") at the helm, we have faith that "Rim of the World" will set itself apart from its predecessors. The film hits Netflix on May 24.