"Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without sacrifice," Renée Zellweger notes in the first full-length trailer for "What/If," Netflix's "neo-noir social thriller."

As the trailer lays out, the question of sacrifice is put to Jane Levy's character, a woman who owns a start-up that Zellweger's eccentric tech investor is willing to fund. But there's a catch: She wants to spend a night with Levy's husband, played by Blake Jenner. Will Levy sacrifice marital happiness to get her company off the ground?

The choice triggers a feud between the two women that seems to spiral into dark territory. Levy expresses deep regret at ever meeting Zellweger, while Jenner asks the latter, “How many more people need to be hurt before you get what you want?"

Created by "Revenge's" Mike Kelley, the 10-episode first season explores the ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.

"What/If" premieres May 24 on Netflix.