When a young girl takes in a stray yeti, a mountain-sized adventure follows.

The trailer for "Abominable," DreamWorks' latest animated tale, is here with a large, fluffy, adorable yeti at the heart of it. A girl named Yi (Chloe Bennet) discovers a yeti, who has escaped from a greedy collector. With the help of two friends, Yi takes the yeti — which she names Everest — back to his home in the Himalayas, hoping to reunite him with his family as an outlet for her own grief for her father.

Yetis seem to be all the range in animated films — last year brought "Smallfoot" and spring brought "Missing Link."

Director Jill Culton told EW it was important for her to cast Asian actors in Asian roles and work with the Shanghai-based animation company Pearl Studio.

“It’s just about getting to that authentic place,” she said. “Just as an example, we set-dressed the entire city, and then we got the feedback that there are no metal trash cans in China. So we had to go back through every scene and change the trash cans to rubber.”

"Abominable" opens in theaters September 27.