Last summer, "Big Little Lies" fans were treated to a sneak peek at a deliciously dramatic showdown between Reese Witherspoon's Madeline Mackenzie and Meryl Streep's Mary Louise Wright, when set photos surfaced featuring one Oscar-winning actress hurling an ice cream cone at another. But those who tuned into the show's most recent episode -- which included a tense meeting between the two women outside an ice cream shop -- were left wondering why that moment didn't make it onto the airwaves.

We may never know the reasoning behind the decision to delete that particular button on the scene, but according to Streep, it will indeed see the light of day. The legendary actress actually revealed the news to Entertainment Tonight back in May, when she was asked about the viral moment.

"[Reese] just told me it's not in the show!" Streep told ET, sharing in fans' disappointment.

But, never fear: "It's [going to be] in the DVD extras," the actress said.

Witherspoon herself had also previously told ET that shooting that scene was "a Top 5 moment in my career, for sure," and bragged about her aim on Twitter.

Responding to a comment about the photo, the actress gleefully said of Streep, "I got her."

No offense to the rest of season two  of "Big Little Lies," but we're going to need it to hurry up and end already, so we can watch the bonus content on the DVDs.

[via: Entertainment Tonight]