Burnett Guffey

Born in May 26th, 1905

From Del Rio, Tennessee, USA

Burnett Guffey Biography

While still a teenager, the future Academy Award-winning lensman began as an assistant cameraman in 1923 on John Ford's 1924 western saga The Iron Horse. He was then hired by the Famous Players-Lasky Studios in 1927, became a camera operator in 1928 and worked there until 1943. Guffey was hired as a Director of Photography by Columbia Pictures in 1944.

In 1957-58 he served as president of the American Society of Cinematographers (A.S.C.) for a year, and had been a long standing member. According to film critic Spencer Selby, Guffey was a prolific film noir cinematographer, shooting 20 of them, including In a Lonely Place (1950).​

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Burnett Guffey Filmography

The Ambushers Poster
December 22, 1967
Bonnie and Clyde Poster
August 14, 1967
The Silencers Poster
March 16, 1966
King Rat Poster
October 27, 1965
Good Neighbor Sam Poster
July 22, 1964
Kid Galahad Poster
November 29, 1962
Birdman of Alcatraz Poster
July 4, 1962
Mr. Sardonicus Poster
October 8, 1961