• David  Kossoff

    David Kossoff

    Born on November 24th, 1919

    From London, England, United Kingdom


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A Kid for Two Farthings Poster

A Kid for Two Farthings

Joe (Jonathan Ashmore) is a young boy who lives with his mother, Joanna (Celia Johnson), in working-class London. The two reside above the tailor shop of Mr. Kandinsky (David Kossoff), who likes to tell Joe stories. When Kandinsky informs Joe that a unicorn can grant wishes, the hopeful lad ends up buying a baby goat with one tiny horn, believing it to be a real unicorn. Undaunted by his rough surroundings, Joe sets about to prove that wishes can come true.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1956)
British Actor
Chance Meeting Poster

Chance Meeting

American Ted Hutchens (David Knight) cracks Soviet codes for the U.S. diplomatic offices in Russia, and Anna Szobek (Odile Versois) is the daughter of a top Communist politician. When the two cross paths for the first time at a ballet, romance is in the air. As they learn more about one another, they decide not to let their political differences interfere with love. Anna's comrades and Ted's fellow workers are less sentimental, though, and both sides try to thwart the relationship.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1955)
Most Promising Newcomer to Film
Young Lovers Poster

Young Lovers

In London, American Ted Hutchens (David Knight) is a code breaker at the U.S. embassy. One evening at the ballet, Ted meets Anna Szobek (Odile Versois), the daughter of the Soviet ambassador. Attracted to each other, Ted and Anna realize that the height of the Cold War between Russia and the West makes their position precarious, but become involved anyway. When Tim's embassy learns of his involvement with Anna, he is labeled a traitor, and the couple enacts a dangerous plan to remain together.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1954)
Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles